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The Good News:  We expect to reopen in Spring 2021!  And we expect to see you back at The Cottage, too!
But first, a few updates:
Owing to the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, we decided not to reopen this season for several reasons. State-regulated capacity limitations, restrictions and social distancing requirements continue to change and evolve and outside dining is not an attractive or practical option for us.  We are standing by and playing it by ear as we await the arrival of a vaccine or therapeutic in the months ahead, and awaiting such time as it is feasible for us to reopen at 100%!
Trust us, no one is more anxious to get back to business than our staff and customers are, but only unless and until safe, comfortable and  economically viable circumstances permit.
So what have we been doing in the meantime?
We've attacked those long-postponed projects around The Cottage, and held cookbook,  attic and pie sales. And in addition to our regular menu, we've created  an exciting new "Delicious & Nutritious" menu with ideas gleaned from all over the country which we'll debut next Spring!
Meanwhile, watch for emails on a few more fun "Attic Treasure" sales; a few special "Sweet and Savory Pie Sale Days,  and apron, polo shirt and retail mixes, coffee beans and pecans sales for home use!
Stay safe, be well,  keep the faith and we'll see you soon-
'Till later,
Daniel J. Rosenbach

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